Learning day by day

By EmmaF

World Half Marathon Champs 2016

After a massive breakfast we headed off to McArthur Glenn where we met up with C and L. After my kids had argued about pushing the pushchair we headed towards the play area, where they ran around for a while, giving C and I chance to chat while L slept.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye. C and L headed of home for lunch and then in C's case work. We headed off to Cardiff, planning to go to the Story of Cardiff Museum and take in the World Half Marathon Champs.

As it was we side lined the museum to stand in the rain and the wind to watch the elite Men and Women compete for glory in the World Champs. We were at the eight mile point, when Mo came by he was a long way behind the leaders, so I was surprised to learn he ended up with the bronze medal. That must have been an amazing last 5 miles. 

Despite the cold the kids loved it, they loved shouting for this man, as they obviously knew who he was, but they also like shouting at the other Brits that I recognised/knew of old. Carys suddenly seemed to clock that Mummy had once been relatively good at running (but not this far!)even if she was now old and past it!

We very luckily missed and absolute downpour, having decided some warm drinks were in order and having retreated further into Cardiff. We headed home about 17.15 and despite the appalling weather, where home in under three hours.

It has been a lovely 48hrs, but I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Will has had two late nights and tonight will have an hours less sleep because of the clock change. I am expecting tiredness to kick in!

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