Noo was quite restless through the night, so I didn't sleep terribly well. I had to get up at 5.30am, and Noo got up soon after. We've both been rather tired today.

While I was at work, GravyC and ZQ took Noo to Bobby's 'Spiderman' birthday party. By the time I met them in town at 1.30pm, they were looking frazzled!! GravyC escaped for a haircut, and ZQ helped me to manage a fragile Noo. Our first task was to buy him some new shoes as his beloved crocs had come apart. He was more devastated than he needed to be, and absolutely couldn't walk to the shoe shop with a broken croc. He was quite happy with his cheap Darth Vader trainers..........until he got home and discovered you can get expensive StarWars crocs on Amazon.....

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