Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

And the capital of Canada is...?

illiant outlook weather wise today, so when I opened the curtains soon after 7am this morning and it was bright sunshine, I quickly got up and headed out.
Pickering's Pasture is not far, and normally there are a reasonable variety of birds to see, but no so good this morning.
Apart from it being VERY windy, as the wind swoops in from the river Mersey, it was SO cold - about 4 degrees if the car temperature gauge is to be believed.
Needless to say, I didn't stay out too long and it started to rain around 8:30am anyway, so I felt OK about coming home, even if my blip choices today were severely limited.

Went to my parents for our traditional Easter Sunday dinner and my two nieces enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt we had prepared for them.
I have no idea what they teach kids at school these days, but they both needed a lot of googling to solve the clues........
At one stage, Ellie(15) was trying to solve an anagram with the initial letters from the names of countries' capital cities, but when you think Toronto is the Canadian capital and Sydney is the Capital of Australia, it's never going to be easy.......!

Back home again now and it will soon be time for this years hot cross buns - yum!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter Sunday.

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