By ciorstain

Happy Shoppers .....

This morning I got up fairly early, actually really early given the time change.
We went to the car boot sale in Blochairn to get our weekly supply of eggs. 
Yes - eggs at the car boot. You can also get vegetables, a haircut, meat, fish bicycles, lawn mowers, electric wheelchairs, crockery, dog food, burgers, sweets, junk, furniture, hoovers, carpets, shoes, onesies, motor recovery insurance, flowers, tools, tyres, paint, toilet roll .... and what else you may need on a Sunday morning ;)
I had some fun "shooting from the hip" and was happy that I managed to capture those three dudes leaving the car boot proudly with their purchases: A toaster, a petrol canister and the stuff you put in your hamster cage - whatever this is called in English ... may be someone can educate me ;)
After Blochairn we went up to Rochill Park which is meant to have great panoramic views of Glasgow. I have never been there  before and wanted to find out. The views from the flagpole are indeed pretty awesome and the weather was generous. I had some nice light there, as you can see from the extra. You may recognise my favourite tower block from a few other pictures.
And now I will have another go with my flowers in the studio. Enjoying that a lot, but no flower blip today ;)

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