Mono Monday - Portrait

Living in Stratford upon Avon we see plenty of images of William Shakespeare from pub signs to modern paintings, and sculptures. Nearly all of them are different, it's a shame Blipfoto wasn't around at the time.

So who else for my portrait subject but the bard himself, or rather his ghost. I'm not sure if you can have a 'living' statue of a ghost, but this gent who stands outside the library nearly every day seems to think you can.

I was torn between two portraits today, this one and my 'extra' which I've titled 'Portrait of Youth', a picture of Tom. So two for the price of one!

As it's a holiday today the shop is closed but we did manage to get in for a coffee this afternoon after the weekly shopping this morning. I've probably ranted about the clock changes before but I think it's a waste of time and also messes with my head. So stop doing it!

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