By Veronica


We were very pleased that the new committee of the village social club has revived the Easter Monday tradition of a picnic with omelettes made with wild asparagus. It was the first village-wide get-together after the winter, enjoying the fresh air, but hasn't happened since 2013.

Normally everyone assembles at a meeting point in the village and then the person who's chosen the mystery spot leads a convoy out into the countryside -- always a place accessible by car so that those who are not very mobile can participate. Arriving at the meeting point we were a little surprised to find no-one. Heading back to the square for news, we passed a neighbour. "They're doing it in the village hall, I think," he told us. "What??" We'd checked the weather forecast: overcast, but no wind, 19C, and zero chance of rain. What possible justification  could there be for staying indoors?

Sure enough, tables had been set up in the hall, with the sausages being grilled on the forecourt. "Oh, the old people," said R the organiser when we queried the decision. "We can't risk them being outdoors on a day like this." It was colder indoors than it was outside. Sigh. So we stayed for the meal, but there was no lounging and chatting on the grass afterwards -- see this blip for what it should have been like. And the sun even came out!

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