We went down to Smiths Beach this morning because, as I was doing the dishes and preparing to pack up and head home, I heard on the local radio that the salmon were running.  We had to wait for the window cleaner (asyoudo) so as soon as he arrived we were off! Well, the salmon had been netted and the blokes were trying to catch one of the 4 sharks they had seen following the school of salmon. This was the first they hooked - a 9-10 foot bronze whaler (apparently). He shook off but not before I got this pic of it before the wave broke. The guys were so excited (bronzes are good eating).  Anyway, this one took off but before long there was another sniffing around the bait. It too took the fish but wasn't landed. Sharks 2 - people 0. Can you believe there were tourists swimming while all this was going on!!!  Check out the extra - it was huge!!

We returned home by about 10am (to pay the window man), started to pack up.......then zoomed back to the beach just in time to see another salmon run. The 4WDs were hooning along the sands, boat rowed out with the net, fish swam in, net dragged out, salmon caught ( Australian Salmon),
blip in the net so to speak. I am going to add some pics to Flickr here 

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