By HilaryinOman

Sandwich Tern

How about this for an exceptionally smart Tern in his Summer plumage a lovely Sandwich Tern. He was hiding behind the Crested Terns and everytime I looked at him he would hide further. As I was about to leave he finally came out to stand on his own. The only thing I think that is wrong about the proportions of this bird are his legs, they look a bit weedy for the weight and length of his body, but this is common amongst all the Tern family.
Well we are finally on holiday and 1000kms away from Muscat in Dhariz, Salalah. A rather eventful drive down through a sandstorm (see extra photo) that lasted for a huge proportion of the drive. Not my favourite for driving through-but we made it-tomorrow the birds on the Khors of Salalah!

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