Bletchley Park (Home of the Codebreakers)

Thank you Bom for organising a super blip meet at Bletchley Park. It was a great turnout with Flossie, Nicoiseannie, Polly H, Igor, Tiedmark, Hildasrose & SHH (Rob).  We saw BlackTulip briefly for coffee and JDO joined us after lunch.

I have been reminded (by old friend and ex blipper Scribbler) that April is NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). Two years ago I included a poem in each of my journal entries for every day of April and I plan to have another go this year. 

My first effort is a Haiku based on this jacket (extra) I spotted today (I amended it a bit).  

A mantra for life ........
Keep calm, carry on blipping,
Smile for the camera

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