A concrete love affair

By PhotoIain

Old Motorola Flare

This phone dating from 1996, was my first rather early entry into the world of mobile phones. Its a single band, GSM 1800mhz, Motorola Flare locked to the One 2 One network. It featured a credit card sized sim card and free weekend calls to local numbers. 

As discussed within previous blip entries found objects like this have a way of unearthing memories. Sadly the memory most strongly associated with this device is the passing of my Grandfather who died, twenty years ago in May, the day this was purchased. 

Also remember the coverage being a little dodgy with it being a Mercury One 2 One GSM phone. At the time their network only covered 45% of the population and it turned out they only had a handful of towers in Leicestershire, and non in the city of Leicester itself. It did work at my house quite well, and in other houses I visited often though. Later on coverage was much improved but I’d lost interest in phones by that point. It was to be several years before I got another...

Currently on my 14th mobile phone the list Ive just tallied comprising 5 different iPhones, 4 Nokia's, 3 Motorola's, 1 Sagem and 1 Sony-Erricson. 

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