If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


Not the shot I was expecting for today.  We had as usual on a Saturday been to the Lodge to prepare for the next guests.  When I had suggested to Clickychick that we "pop out to Pooley Bridge" I was thinking in terms of a shot of the temporary bridge helping to get over the message Cumbria is open for business.

Two things prevented that first the car parking was virtually full, a good sign last time we were there before the bridge opened it was like a ghost town.  The other was mention of Pooley Bridge to CC immediately means lake shots - nothing as mundane as a steel bridge.  So we shot past Pooley barely slowing down.

However it is about the time of year when we make a trip to admire Wordsworth's Daffodils at Glencoyne.  So with "beside the Lake beneath the trees" ringing in my head I chose this shot.  They weren't fluttering and dancing in the breeze they were more or less still in the rain.

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