Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

Happier Than The Pic Suggests


Brought the Tuttles along to the dy dock as my Dad's Harlequin was due to sail again after being treated to jetwashing/wire brushing/scraping followed by two coats of bitumen beneath the waterline this week. Tuttle jnr was in top form despite his moody look here (second take as the first shot didn't include the Harlequin!). He kept walking around the dry dock trying to work out how it operates and how me & my Dad carried out the work. Sadly the boat yard folk were not around to fill the dock up as us Tuttles had to set of for Chirk Castle for an afternoon visit before heading back for Tuttle Jnr's swimming training and my evening shift.

Exhausted? Well 'n' truly. 

More "work in progress" pics here on Flickr.

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