By ciorstain

Under Destruction

This morning we went to the Car Boot as usual for our eggs.
Then needed some more shopping and N suggested to go to the big Tesco in Springburn, instead of going to our regular one.

I am so glad, we did!
They are currently demolishing huge High Rises in Sighthill. A few are already down, one is still standing in the process of dismantling and the other is in the process of taken down.
I need to read a bit further about the history ... The area was developed in the 1960ies. 
It must have been terrible for the people who lived there for probably a long time to lose their homes.

I had awesome light and I took a lot pictures. Just edited 22 of them ....
No worries, I will only upload 3 :)

But I will go there again and will also try to get more background information ....

Tagged derelictsunday24 as per aliscotias advise. Thank you ;)

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