Back to reality

We reluctantly returned home today after three wonderful days of camping. Can't believe we managed to squeeze one last trip before the bugs weather make it unbearable.

There were some mutant mosquitos buzzing around feeding on us when we weren't paying attention! But thankfully not too annoying. Managed to get another pic of fruit, the raw and the dried ;-) and also snuck a pic of Roberto while he slumbered in his hammock. Looks so cosy. He's gonna kill me.

We had scheduled to meet up with friends Steve and Merrilee in Mui Wo as they live there and here is Merrilee on her trike, one week after surgery on her left knee! Honestly, she's amazing.

For those who may remember, two and half years ago, she had a horrible 'accident' when she flew off her bike trying to avoid a neighbour's dog, shattered her knee and had to have immediate surgery which involved a 6" titanium plate that held all the shattered pieces of bone together. Last week the plate came out along with some incredibly large screws. And here she is riding her trike to meet us!!!!

Back to DB in a torrential downpour, but thankfully, we were prepared. Great weekend of enjoying the outdoors.

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