Tiny Tuesday .....

A tiny tooth ...

My tiny tooth ...

Broken off ....

By my own dentist ...

Here's my very frustrating story:

Over the weekend I could feel that on old crown that I got many years ago was loose. Yesterday morning I called my dentist so that I could get it fixed. 

I thought it would be simple fix .... gluing it back in.

Boy, was I wrong!  Why is nothing ever easy?!?

My appointment was for 8 am this morning and when I arrived the dental assistant checked the loose crown. It wriggled a little but didn't come out.  The dentist suggested that she take an x-ray and do an impression of the tooth in case something went wrong.  I should have known at that point that, of course, something would happen ... intuition perhaps. 

When my dentist came in and started pulling the crown off he broke my tooth at the root ... oops!  He immediately said that was a very bad thing ... you think?!? The remaining tooth would have to be extracted ... TODAY!

To say I was NOT happy is an understatement! At least he took full blame for breaking my tooth. But is he going to help pay for the repair? That would be a NO!  Between the extraction and a possible implant/crown this "simple" repair could run into the thousands. 

It was then up to the office staff to get me an appointment with an oral surgeon.  That was set up for 11 am.  

As there was some time between appointments I went home ... only stopping at the grocery to pick up a few things.  With the tooth being extracted I knew that I would only be able to eat soft foods for the next few days.  Milk for pudding. Eggs for supper. And cool whip for the pudding. 

I have just returned from the oral surgeon and he couldn't have been nicer.  He gave me two options: 1. Have the tooth pulled with local anesthetic. 2. Come tomorrow or Thursday and be put under to have the tooth pulled.  Either way the tooth had to come out. 

I opted for the local anesthetic. 

So, now I have my mouth packed with gauze and a new tiny hole in my mouth.  

Did I mention I was NOT happy!?! 

I hope this picture isn't too graphic for any of you.  Sorry if it is. 

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