.... we had another "awareness day" today at a Council held function to work in with the 2016 Seniors Festival, a week of activities across the community to celebrate the diverse interests and contributions of Seniors in the community.

Our Prostate Cancer Support Group were involved in offering awareness for Prostate Cancer.

A superb morning of activities, and chatting to many people.

One other group in attendance were the Nuba Mountains Association of NSW, and my blip today shows the "sparkle" of Shiraz.

Their info tells "Who are the NUBA?
"Nuba is a generic name for the group of amalgamated peoples who inhabit the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan state, in Sudan. Although the term is used to describe them as if they composed a single group, the Nuba are multiple distinct peoples and speak different languages. Estimates of the Nuba population vary widely: the Sudanese Government estimated that they numbered 3.7 million.  The Nuba people are one of the African people with the most blackest phenotype and originators of wrestling game in the world.

As we know the area is certainly a "hotspot" of issues.

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE to see that "sparkle".

Further info if interested is on this link.... Nuba reports!

... and may not get to comment much today as now of to a Board meeting of our group.

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