Burgeoning blipfully!

I love the word burgeoning - urging spring's new life to grow.
Away with the winter moths!
On with the new leaves, green and succulent, full of promise
Like ... um ... shaggy cloths?!

Interesting and surprising when you look at the derivation and etymology of words, isn't it!

I'm delighted to discover that three delphiniums that I dug up last summer have survived and reappeared with encouraging new feathery leaves. I rescued them from where they struggled to show their faces among nettles, goosegrass and other weeds at the bottom of our old garden. This year, they should shine out bright and blue, and hold their heads high.

Inset is one of a number of cuttings that I took at the same time. All seem to have taken root. They are Weigelas - and only small. By the time they're flowering bushes I'll probably be pushing up daisies myself, alongside worms, but it's still satisfying to see new growth burgeoning blissfully blipfully.

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