Car Check-Up

My MX-5 had a check up today at the friendly garage in Harrietsham. The mid-part exhaust was replaced last month but vibration started to resonate through the steering wheel and accelerator pedal under acceleration.

Turns out the heat shield was loose so has been tightened up. I'm still not entirely happy with the exhaust noise so will be keeping an eye on it. My Blip photo is the other village garage, which has been a sports car restoration workshop for many years. I love the old signage and fuel pumps.

Dodged rain showers late afternoon while collecting more promo kit from the Estate Offices at the Castle as I'm back at the Bluewater store tomorrow. The sun came out and the sky went from grey to blue just as I thought I might have to skip my daily walk.

A gusty wind made for a chilly walk with my pal this evening but we did catch a glimpse of a kingfisher and heard the distinctive sound of the green woodpecker which sounds like a laugh. Sadly it looked like the black swans have abandoned their nests on the Cascade Water and Castle Island, but the Whooper Swan, Grey Leg and Coots are still nesting.

Thank you to David C for the Honourable Mention for my Mono Monday Blip on the theme of Fool. Looking forward to next week's theme of 'New Beginning'. Hope many of my fellow Blippers will take part.

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