By Glasshalffull

Happy Birthday Whiskyfoxtrot!!

A very happy birthday to my lovely friend whiskyfoxtrot!  We had a wonderful day eating scones, drinking tea, taking in all things Rennie Mackintosh and coming across some interesting stories of other people along the way.  The weather was well managed, the company was excellent and we even found some cherry blossoms doing their best to be bright and cheery despite very little 'blossom' as yet.  The outside of the house did a great job of denying the stunning interior (where no photos were allowed) so I have attempted to make it look more interesting by photographing it through trees... hmmm.  We toured twice and saw several 'new' things, I am quite sure had we gone in again and again the same would have been true.  An honourable mention has to go to the most odd shower I have ever seen.  It had a series of curved horizontal pipes set at regular intervals from neck to ankle height with little holes all along them and a dial called 'needles'?!

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