By MyMemories

You wait for life, but life never waits for you.

You're standing there reflecting on your life, your memories, your dreams and imagining your future. Standing there, as if time has stopped just for you. You hear nothing but the waves swooshing, and you can barely see besides the horizon. That's the moment when you sincerely become purely you. No looks, physical talents nor friends needed; just your soul. 
That YOU inside just shines out, where no one can see it. No matter how little you think it is, it controls the moment with all power. Tears may shed down our face, even though you're not sad; but it's just a sign of being back to who you really are. Being vulnerable with yourself, instead of hiding and covering up with excuses and overwhelming stories. Yes, we often do that with ourselves, we are convinced we're always strong and powerful, yet deep inside, you want to break down into tears. Being vulnerable is not weakness, it's just being who we really are, with all the faults and fears inside of us.
So here I am, blurring out the horizon's view and looking at the waves coming towards me; here I am waiting for the tide..

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