Constant Exposure

By constant

Green Means GO, Red Means STOP!

So today we got out the Christmas boxes from the attic. My big task is to figure out the lights. This is the first Christmas in our new house so there is no lighting plan as yet. There is no ladder either. I should probably get one as I need t o check the gutters anyways. So tomorrow I'll either electrocute myself or fall to my death. I'm a Weekend Warrior, you know!

And speaking of progress: Today is my 300th blip. Yay! I can't believe I made it to 30, let alone 300. Very big thanks to all who view and comment here. You've make this so worthwhile and enjoyable for me. Really looking forward to 365! Then I'm having a party.

P.S. Just watched the first two episodes of "State of Play". Just brilliant! Also, there is an actor, Rory McCann, who's the spit'n image of Sean Connery. I thought he must have been related.

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