By hjarald

April Snow

The picture I wanted to make yesterday - but had to abort due to a negative weather change - made me decide to give it a second chance today before the blossom snows on the ground.

At sunrise we had some rays of sunshine, but the rain clouds soon colored the horizon. What an opportunity… 

No coffee, no breakfast, but grabbed some gear, mounted my bike and raced to the location. (see the extra of my gear waiting for THE shot)

Talking about gear…

Today I finally bought a second hand Sony a7r markII with only 9 clicks!!!!

And best of all… 

When I was at the camera superstore they received the delivery of the first five Sony G-Master 24-70mm f2.8 lenses to the Dutch Market, and I've got one of them!!!! So happy now :-))

PS. See my new professional gear in the second extra.

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