By Hillyblips

Beady Eye

So very fast...he swooped over the pond, the tiny birds scattered, alarm calls went up...and I missed it! And again...! Sooo the wrong lens for this sort of action. Very excited to see him all the same.

Speedily took off the Extender to free up some lens space, ramped the speed up and waited and hoped he might return which he did. Still only for a split second and I snatched him by the pond of yesterday. He didn't catch anything but I could see he knew where the blue tits were nesting - and they knew he knew  :/ 

You have only to look into his eye to see the alertness there. However a fab selection of birds again today but the only fly in the ointment was Tilly who had been to the Dapper Dog Salon for a makeover, as girls do and was totally freezing...sitting there shivering. Yup I did feel guilty but her choice tho' .................not easy manoeuvring a lens with her on my lap !!

My blip was going to be a squirrel :)

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