Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Chinese Garden, NTU, Singapore

Day 7

A visit to Nanyang Technological University, where The Late Professor taught several short courses back in the day. Found places we have seen in photos, special to remember him here.

The day started early, shopping at the market for duck, fish and vegetables. We had breakfast here too. Not too sure what we ate, all very different.

Then on the Mangroves at Sungei Buloh Wetland reserve in the north west. We saw large monitor lizards, a family of Buffy Fish Owls, Mud Crabs, Spear and Archer fish, Kingfishers and Egrets. Rather worryingly, a sign about what to do if we came across a crocodile.

Lunch at Bollywood with Poison Ivy. What a brilliant place. Excellent food, organic farm with fun notices everywhere.

We drove back along a wide road which doubles as a military aircraft runway when required.

Family members arrived at Changi this evening. Baggage staff weren't too keen about an item in #2's hold luggage - had to explain what a Sgian Dubh is. #kiltproblems.

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