Probably a shot of a Jnr

By Hollowspy


If you have caught up with my Backblipping from the past couple of weeks you'll have seen some of my Guatemalan adventures - and they are all down to this gem of a person... Diane.

She's an archaeologist who is not just on her own fascinating path of discovery for all, but also on a mission to further the understanding of the Maya for the children of the UK.  However, she is not just focussed on the past, as she has the connections, love and ability to bring the significance and relevance of the modern Maya to us too; we learnt so much about the history and present with equal importance.

Above and beyond all the academic brilliance, she organised, executed and tweaked the trip for us with seamless effort that it resulted in the most amazing, enriching and fulfilling of experiences I have ever had from a professional and personal perspective.

Diane, you are a star.  Eternal love and gratitude.

(visit her here)

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