Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

Eye so Bright

It was supposed to be cloudy this morning so I decided not to jump out of bed and head out to catch the sunrise.  What a surprise to see the colours through the trees...but too late to go photograph it so decided to head off to see if I could get some birds greeting the sun instead.

Mr. Red Bellied loves peanuts....adores them.  If I put some down for him, the squirrels, blue jays and Hairy woodpecker snatch them before he gets up the nerve to fly down.  I think he is getting more and more used to me now as he flies from tree to tree around me...silently watching me in anticipation. He landed within 10 feet, so I took a handful of shots and then placed a peanut on a stump beside me and waited....see extra.  Also in extras are Mr. and Mrs. Bufflehead (the real deal!).

Enjoy your Sunday....the clouds are now moving in here and they are forecasting snow.  Oi...


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