Expect the Unexpected

I was up for sunrise this morning, knowing that it was likely to be the best part of the day in terms of light. And it was. A clear, cold start to the day - so off I drove to my favourite sunrise spot by the river. I was surprised to see that there was frost on the grass! 

The sun has shifted round since the last time I was there and I was finding it more difficult than usual to find a spot from which to photograph the sun as it rose above the horizon. I settled for standing on the bridge, looking down river. As I watched the warm glow develop, I heard the unexpected sound behind me that I have come to recognise as that of flying swans. I didn't turn - instead I prepared to focus on them after they had flown over me and headed down the river. Even so, my photo contained one and a half swans, so I've cropped the image and made some colour adjustments......

It was a lovely start to a lovely day! Chicken in the oven, I headed off to church for the rest of the morning, then home again for a  traditional Sunday roast with the family. They've all gone home now and the house is quiet - just the kitchen to sort ...... I think it will be a quiet evening, then early to bed for me!

I hope you've had an equally good day!

Thank you so much for everything on yesterday's blip.....


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