Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Trotting along

careless and leashless
I go about my business
in a dogged way


And two poems. I wrote the first one on Saturday, the second, this morning.

I found myself crying for the world

I found myself crying for the world
Seated comfortably in my comfortable home
The fear and suffering of the dead and the survivors suddenly coursed through me and I wept silently
Tears that came from somewhere out of me but also deep within
That shook me

The power of images
Images often seen but that still rattle the heart and make it bleed
The things we are able to do to each other
Defy reason
We are the same essentially

Now I have this hole in the pit of my belly

Where those tears used to be
Waiting to be shed
Crying has not comforted me
The horror's still out there
The pit will fill up
And I shall cry again
And again


And tears of joy for the kindness of some
The heart they have and the things they do
To fight meanness of spirit
               and sleight of hand too

In the realm of semidreams

In the realm of semidreams
My mind wanders through territories shaped by my senses
Sounds and smells – light touches – patches of light

Coloured by feelings
Tuned to her breathing
Easy or laboured

And I ride the waves of sounds
Follow my heartbeats my heart

My wake up call is nearing
It’s morning
It’s Monday
It’s raining

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