Sunday 10th April 2016               (backblip)

My very first photo of a snake! :-))))

In fact only the third time I've ever seen a snake in the wild! I've seen an Adder once & this is the second Grass Snake that I've seen. I'm really chuffed that I actually managed to get a shot of it before it slithered off under the leaf litter!

We went to Ostler's Plantation this afternoon ...... it was dry but with quite a cool wind .... so it seemed a good idea to pick somewhere fairly sheltered with plenty of trees. The paths were a bit muddy in places but we managed to pick our way round the worst of it. All in all a lovely couple of hours strolling round :-)

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, stars & hearts on yesterday's Jewel ...... really chuffed ...... it is happily basking on the Popular pages all thanks to you :-)

Thanks so much for dropping by :-)

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