The Last Snowman?

I mentioned that winter returned and tossed down a bit of snow over the weekend. We awoke to three inches of snow on the ground on Saturday, but it was mostly gone before the end of that day.

There are a few pockets of snow here and there in our yard, and my husband made good use of several handfuls of it to make me what just might be the last snowman of winter.

I saw through the front door that my husband was doing something on the porch, but I didn't actually see what until he poked his head inside the door and hollered for me to come have a look. And when I went out, there sat this charming little snowman!

Apparently, my husband had gotten into the container of colored thumb tacks, for the little snowman was sporting several tacks of different shades. Yellow for the mouth. Red for the eyes and nose. And on its head, a red plastic hat (the lid from the container of tacks)!

Twigs serve as its arms. As you can see, it is raising them in the air and waving them around. It's so exciting, being the last snowman of winter.

Little Snowman, it's been such a pleasure meeting you. Let's link arms and take one last flight together to see the many wonders of the world before you go.

The song to accompany this snowy image is Peter Auty, with Walking In the Air, from The Snowman.

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