"Democracy Spring"

There's a campaign at work this week in DC, called "Democracy Spring". Its goal is stated as "Standing up (by sitting in) to save American democracy."
Each day, it'll bring together a different set of protesters around a theme (climate change, race, labor, students, etc.). The first day saw over 400 arrests. I'm told by a cop I spoke to that it only involved 'processing' and a $50 fine but it took several hours simply because of the sheer numbers.

Today was the turn of the "Elders." Given that I'm an elder-in-training, I decided to go check it out. It was nice to see folks who cut their protesting teeth in the 60s (unfortunately I wasn't of age to participate back then) and I could feel the old juices flowing. A group of about 50 protesters let themselves be arrested with words and chants of support from the ones on the other side of the police cordon.

The movement is a bit of a take-off from the Occupy one and strongly reflects themes from Bernie's campaign. More images here.

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