By PhDlife

A long 6 months!

It's been a long 6 months and nearly 4 since I lasted posted. Life has some interesting ups and downs! Glad to say there are more ups now than downs and that I have recovered well from some blood problems, followed by a serious infection that resulted in sepsis, intensive care, hospital stay, further blood complications but last week the first blood results in the normal range in over 6 months..... Yeeeha!
Many 'things' had to go on the 'back burner' and lots of 'activities' had to be cancelled. A period of isolation ensued and patience was learned lol.
I've slowly built up what I've been doing, now so glad of my returning good health and grateful for all my family and friends that kept me going. My grown up children, their partners and my wee grand children are amazing.

Watch out - I'm back!

Looking forward to a wheelchair basketball event this afternoon and a trip to Ireland at the end of the month. More than anything looking forward to a wee bit of Scottish sunshine, some gardening, kayaking and getting out and about in Mighty Mo, our motorhome with the dogs in tow.
Bring on the summer!

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