My New Gardener

..............................Baby sitting shot of Miss Esme who helps hinders me when I go out in to their garden to do a bit of work. She is non stop chatter like an adult but not with an adult brain, if you know what I mean. Today it was the end of the holidays and she was back at Nursery. Then home with Granny. Granny was tired but didn't suffer as I rested with my sunglasses on in the kitchen while she jumped off the table (its a small table......stop worrying!!!!) on to the couch in the kitchen. Such a luxurious pad she has. Her brother was at school and Grandad will take him for swimming lessons after I popped down to the Garden Center (not Dobbies) to get a piece of hose as our extra hose has sprung a leak. Not to worry again if you ever did worry, I can use that as a drip hose for my new informal hedge near the road. I don't want to put our spraying hose on as everybody will get soaked when they pass our abode. Quite a lot of peace and quiet prevailed today as they were only together at the end of our shift and that's where the trouble starts.  They do love each other and would fight to the death for the other one but they do come head to head a lot and I have to try to do diplomacy. I know you wouldn't think it, would you? 

NB .... She likes wellies like her Granny

Dinner calls.................. 

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