Everything was Rosy Pink

.............................................Barbara was dressed in rosy pink, I was dressed in rosy pink and the flowering current bush was a slightly darker rosy pink. My cheeks are rosy pink after my two glasses of wine. Look at the choice I had from Barbara in the second shot. I had the cheek to turn down the Rioja which I tasted first of all but went for the merlot from south Eastern Australia where we have friends It was nice. I got what we, in our group call an impromptu invitation from Barbara to join her for dinner as the men were going out. That was nice as I would probably have been working in the garden till Mr AF came home. People are always forcing me to enjoy myself instead of paying attention to my "projects".....................thank heavens for friends and husbands. This one insists we go to the pictures tomorrow night to see Marguerite I really fancy it. Strangely there is an American version of a similar story with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. Might be very different from the film above. Might have to see both to compare and contrast.

Today was the doctor's appointment which is a fairly complicated story but all is well and he did a thorough check of all my concerns and thought my diastolic BP wasn't that concerning. Guess what, as if I didn't know I could improve matters by changing some life style matters. He didn't have any medication for lack of willpower !!!! Thats a pity. Wish someone could invent it.

Then my ipad packed in and I thought .............great I'll get a real state of the art fancy one but when I gave it to Computer Division he brought it back to life although he didn't know why it had happened. Saved me a bit of dosh but I feel its going to go soon. I did a bit of research while I was there on styluses and drawing equipment for the computer so I'll get my thinking cap on for that..................................like I said about the greenhouse 3 years ago!!

Then we went to the dump. I love the dump but we didn't dump anything we collected some compost in the "old car" and I cleaned it out back home.

A very sunny, satisfying rosy pink day and I like flowering currents even although they are very common and quite straggly when not in flower. To top off my day I now spy some leaves coming from the tops of our birch trees. I have been looking for them for weeks.

Lastly if you are still with me I found a very unusual flower in Barbara's garden. The photos I took are rubbish but maybe some of you clever gardeners out there can ID it. Its in the others shots. I thought the leaves looked like a dog tooth violet...... Erythronium but it was pink. I think it really might be that................so more rosy pink for the day

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