The Long Game...

One of my long time japes managed it's way to fruition today.

The last time she wore this jacket was about 6 or 7 months ago.  I know that because after making comparison with Inspector Clouseau I brought in Ewan's big magnifying glass the next day.  She didn't wear it all winter!

Today, I was able to produce the magnifying glass from the cupboard I had it in all winter.

What wasn't a joke however was the fallout from trying to be proactive in an otherwise benign situation.  Copy and a manager in on the chat to keep them in the loop and a whole faff of set up and cancelled meetings, 3 or 4 extra emails and end up right back in the same situation that we were in had we not copied the manager in, in the first place.  Pfft, I'll keep it to myself next time.

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