Fritillaria imperialis out again and looking quite sturdy with extra branches and loads of flowers. I suppose its called Crown Imperial because of that crown on top. I shall check that. I forgot to check for the lily beetle so it could have been scoffed in a day or two but luckily it seems to be thriving.

A fabulously warm day and we were out doing very gardeny stuff.
Tomorrow the hedge man cometh. I have to be up early to tie in bits of the hedge before he cuts in to the brown wood again. All fingers and toes crossed that it will work this time. Right now I have to take in all the tender stuff and cover it. What a palaver but I'm determined I will have something to admire. Well there is mostly always something. 

Bet its freezing outside. Its going to be a palaver tomorrow so better go do it.

See y'all later.

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