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By lisa24270

Witchford Walkies

Glowing in the sun,
Watching over the landscape,

Our ship of the Fens.

For a day off, it's been rather busy here.

Slow start as I was tired after a very late night but the client was happy with their blog post so all is well. I'm hosting a competition for people to win a posh dog bowlworth £40 - a certain 4 Corgis have the same one.

Putting that together for HM The Queen's birthday rather overshadowed the fact that today the blog is 5 years old! Doesn't seem that long but that could be because only in the last couple of years has it started to make progress I suppose.

The evening at the coast was well worth the tiredness this morning though, I've never seen a sunset so beautiful in real life :) 

I was supposed to have a blog meeting at Costa in Newmarket but this got moved to the client's home. This was actually for the best as I then didn't spend valuable time and money mooching around the shops afterwards. It also triggered sofa envy as the lady has a purple corner arrangement! 

As I got back the vets called with Stella's blood test results. Not bad but not great with a mild concern with her white blood cell count, plus kidney and pancreas. As she's had pancreatitis before we're going to send off more samples for further tests...this means yet more fun for me following her around the garden!

We stopped at the vets on the way out of the village and I finally got to meet the new addition at our favourite pet shop. Rooster is a baby French Bulldog and already a cute and cheeky boy. 

After this we went geocaching to continue the series we were doing on Saturday when rain stopped play. The sky looked much nicer today :) 

We've also had an evening walk so I've done over 12000 steps and am happy. Not as happy as I was this morning when I slipped easily into size 12 jeans though! Boys won't understand why jeans are different to anything else but they just are.

Tonight I've got enough of Sunday's Hunstanton photos processed to keep the Meetup crowd happy but my lovely sunset shots will have to wait. 

Mustn't be too tired for work tomorrow, Thursdays usually mean a skive for cuddles and stories with my favourite boy. I have a new Thomas The Tank Engine book for him this week. Should be brilliant :)  

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