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Marlborough Waterfront (Wednesday 20th April 2016)

My journey today had two missions: to see the water voles in Marlborough and photograph the little egrets in Froxfield. Neither mission was accomplished but in other respects I consider it an afternoon well spent.

I learned from the lady at Waterfront Cottage in Kennet Place exactly where I would see the water voles if they were out and had a pleasant picnic at a table by the riverside keeping an eye out and watching this moorhen with her brood.

I saw some egrets in a flooded field as I approached Froxfield, further out than where I had seen them before and not with the cattle. I parked by the church and approached the cattle field from the east, in case there were other egrets there. I attracted the interest of the cows (see Extra) but I could see the view lacked egrets, so I walked back along the A4. I saw one egret fly off, followed by a grey heron, but when I got to the flooded field there were no egrets left there. Back in the village I had a chat about birds and wildlife to a lady who lived by the green and was told to knock for a cup of tea next time I was passing.

I went on to a nature reserve in Hungerford and walked up to the canal at St Lawrence's church and spent some time there, including photographing a boater and his tabby cat, Elfie, who was apparently in trouble for staying out until four o'clock in the morning.

I had another quick look for the water voles on the way home and then had coffee and a fruit scone in Waitrose before finishing my journey back listening to the Archers. Rock and roll.

.20.4.2016 (2355 hr)

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R.I.P. Victoria Wood

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Radiohead - Lucky (recorded 4 September 1995, originally for War Hero)
Could OK Computer  really have come out in 1997? Listened to in full this morning.

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