My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Comedy out-take

It had to be done after the morning James and I have had* - even though Mark did have quite a nice "normal" smile - see extras!

* The morning we've had:
Woken at 5:50am with someone at the door.
The police.
We believe you've been broken into and your car's been stolen.
No we've not been broken into - neither of us (or the dog) have heard anything.
Let's just check your windows.
Kitchen's fine.
Ah yes the lounge window has been jimmied open.
Ah yes the Subaru has gone.
Oh hang on ... so has the Ford ...
So much to sort out, including wondering what on earth I was going to do about a shoot 20 miles away that had involved co-ordinating 12 people's diaries to all be there on the same day at the same time ...
Thankfully the lovely Tash (who's working on the same job!) came to the rescue and drove me there!
Leaving James to deal with the subsequent police and forensics visits, the locksmith and goodness knows how many other phone calls!
Feeling very thankful for a lovely husband, a good friend, no lasting damage to us or our home (still to find out the state of the cars!) and a completely useless guard dog. Can't even begin to think about what could have happened if any of us had woken up when they'd been in the house.

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