The Days Get Longer

After a day at work we went to the town’s theatre to watch a 3D film about Florence and the works in the Uffizi Gallery.
We emerged at about 9 o’clock and as this photo shows it was still light, even if the sun had gone down. It was also very still, and the reflected sky made it seem all the lighter.
Birds were singing very noisily in the dusk as we arrived home and that also reflected the earlier part of the day when we opened the curtains to see around 50 thrushes hopping across the dead grass of the lawn, feeing voraciously. Our first sighting of thrushes this year so I guess the flock had just arrived from somewhere southwards.
It’s a great time of year in mid-Sweden!
JanHar was standing on the other side of the water for her Blip, and wrote a lot more about the Uffizi experience.

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