By Third_eye

Coming Clean ...

Wash Day now is not what it used to be in the days before the invention of automatic machines and spin- or tumble-dryers, and I can clearly remember helping my mother with the family wash every Monday, but her state-of the art laundry equipment in the 1930s-40s although primitive by today's standards was far advanced of that in grandmother's house.

I was reminded of that on my visit to the museum (see also yesterday's picture) where I saw this display with two wooden-roller mangles and other equipment from the Victorian era.  It was hard work in those days!


I must also 'come clean' about my new avatar, because unlike The Picture of Dorian Gray which in Oscar Wilde's famous nineteenth century novel grew gradually more gruesome with age while its real-life subject remained young and beautiful, mine suffered a sudden transformation overnight! 

No longer do you see the suave slick-haired young man wielding a flashy 1940s press camera and dreaming of fame in Fleet Street, but a geriatric snapshot artist who is now a conspirator in the world of blip.  I really liked the other one, but who was I kidding?

Both avatars are in Today's Extras for comparison!

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