Mist is the German for Muck.

Bootiful day, Angie was waiting for a work colleague to arrive and spend the day and I was looking forward to a day tidying up in the garden and around the pond. Then came the call - Farmer Franz will probably be coming to collect our muck heap and spread on his "to be" Maize field.

Good news to get rid of the very high heap but that ended the days plans.  Normally son Markus takes part, loading the muck with the New Holland and Franz drives the smaller Deutz and muck spreader. However Markus at his part time work in Mindelheim. So lots of toeing and frowing to get two tractors here. Not helped when one of the cows breaks free in his cow stable and we have to dash back home to get it caught and back indoors.

Anyway two loads later, all was done. Angie and her friend were able to chat and enjoy the weather despite the odour. They did disappear to Ottobeuren for a walk around the Basilca and although they denied it, an organic milk icecream at Pedros Ice Cram parlour - on the left of the Ottobeuren Webcam and outdoor tables in the centre of market place.

In the morning on delivering Flash to Angie on the ride/walk, I did a quick detour to the hill above Ottobeuren to photograph the alps for someone I mentioned nearly two months ago. Pep has undergone a donor cell transplant recently in her fight against Myeloma cancer. Without me knowing it until the next day, she today posted a photo today on Facebook without her nasal tubes, falling out hair but beaming smile. She has just been on her first walk outside the ward and hopes she may get home soon. Great news. I wanted the alps as our "correspondence" has always had a Sound of Music "Climb every Mountain" theme. So timing was perfect.

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