Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Utterly British

I'm picking up on Gs patriotism and posting this in between the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations and St. George's Day!! [The alternative was to post dessert - a lemon tart!] We ended up in Dubai Mall - mainly to visit the bank, and have some lunch, but ended up being there several hours!

Firstly looking at Nespresso capsules as we've run out, then in the Antler store. Don't you just love luggage? Can't believe how light they have got these cases.

And on our way there - walking past some jewellery shops, a storekeeper standing outside his shop said to me as I walked past him, " Hello 60 per cent discount". I was confused. My name isn't 60 percent discount!!!

Decided to tackle my wardrobe in the evening and do some clearing out - something I keep putting off. You know how you start on a job thinking, "I'll give this 30 minutes and then do what I really need to..." Well, I forgot one shelf doesn't sit properly, and whilst trying to get some tshirts out, the whole thing moved and there was the sound of glass breaking. My favourite perfume bottle fell on the floor and broke - contents evaporated in seconds! Argh. Glad I was nearly at the end of the bottle...

The mop-up and then trying to fix the shelf so it doesn't happen again took more time than I wanted to give this job. Glad the other bottles that fell didn't break. G had done something similar last week... so two perfume bottles broken in 7 days! This is after NEVER breaking one. EVER.

And I still haven't caught up properly here! Apologies!

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