By TonyG

Mourning Widow

The Dusky Cranesbill, Geranium phaeum, is also known as Mourning Widow.  It commonly has dark, downward facing flowers and grows best in moist, slightly shady places, a plant that might seem to have nothing to celebrate.  However it does have a gentle charm and this form, chance seedling here, perhaps a hybrid with the brighter Meadow Cranesbill, caught my eye today.

Amy has completed two weeks of mornings at the new school and is looking forward to some full days next week.  Ruth is still happily self-sufficient in Wales.  The pile of arisings in the garden has grown despite my falling asleep after lunch following a morning shift at work.  Jacinta and I are making plans for Monday when Amy will be in school all day.  It's tempting to say "all's well with the world" ...... or would that be tempting fate!

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