Tulip Fields Forever

One of Hollands biggest tourist attractions are our endless flower fields in april and may.

In the middle of this big floral area lays Keukenhof, an attraction park specially designed to show visitors the beauty of all different sorts of local flowers in artistically created flower beds.

The windmill in the horizon is part of Keukenhof, but I liked to show you the traditional perspective endless fields and best of all...

the funny tradition of girls posing or jumping between the flowers. I really don't know why people do this, but you really don't have to wait more than 15 minutes to see somebody jumping in front of a camera.

So yes.... I can also make corny traditional tourist pictures :-))

Thanks for jumping in today!

(want one of my prints on your wall? please contact me at hjarald@me.com)

Text: NewDelftBlue by Hjarald Agnes

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