My alternative diary

By chrisphoto

The Creepy Crawly Rally 2016

The Creepy Crawly Rally passed through the village today and I just managed to catch the tail end of the cars. My blip today is the oldest car I captured was the 1899 Locomobile Steamer. As the company was only founded in 1899 this must have been one of the earliest off the production line. Not conventional as the engine is not an internal combustion one but a steam engine. 

I also captured a 1903 Peugeot that was painted the same colour as my own Peugeot 206 – have they really been using the same shade of blue for 100+?

The Locomobile Company of America was a pioneering American automobile manufacturer founded in 1899. Locomobile began by producing steam cars. The steam Locomobiles were unreliable, finicky to operate, prone to kerosene fires, had small water tanks (getting only 20 mi {32 km} per tank), and took time to raise steam; Rudyard Kipling described one example as a "nickel-plated fraud". Initially, they were offered with a single body style only, an inexpensive runabout at US$600.

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