Ducklings, Squirrels and a Heron!

The forecast was for rain so I went out early this morning and what a treat it was! Just near the top of the track I saw a couple of squirrels leaping about, I think it was two!! One of them perched for a while whilst changed settings on the camera and then it was off again.

Down by the pond I spooked a heron, twice. I got some shots which I've put on Flickr along with the squirrel.

I noticed the outline of a small bird down by the bench that looks onto the reservoir and as I moved towards it flew off. I was going to look for it when I noticed the ducklings and their mum. I only spotted two at first and then I saw another two. She sent the first two onto dry land and then swam a short distant with the  other two. The male was also around overseeing the proceedings from a distance. She seemed very calm and not making a fuss at all. I watched the two on the side for a little and hoped they wouldn't be chased by any dogs or gobbled up by the heron or marsh harrier! Best not to think about it really!

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