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By arkensielphoto

Red Cowslips

Today is my 1800th consecutive blip, no longer a red balloon day, (do these still exist?) but it is a nice round number, so today I am using these red Cowslips to celebrate.
As I approach my five-year blip, on 24 May, I wondered whether to cut back or even stop blipping. That was a fleeting thought and fortunately, gone very quickly; I enjoy taking a picture every day and recording my often boring life for others to read. I am also nosey and would greatly miss your journals, your ups and downs as well as greeting new babies, watching children grow up, admiring pets and sadly saying goodbye to blippers as well as their pets. However, I do think that it is time I updated my profile again, which I will do in May.
We have had a variety of different kinds of weather today. Intermittent rain, snow, hail and a few brief (very brief) interludes of sunshine. I have been indoors all day, except when I went outside to take my picture, the weather must be atrocious, even Florence, our all-weather cat is indoors.
There appears to be some progress with the saga of the hooligans, for want of a better word. One of our local councillors has become involved and has emailed the ‘Head’ of the school. I am also getting replies to the emails I sent to the Joyce Franklin Academy. The boys were identified when their picture appeared, by request, but very briefly, on the village FaceBook page and the school has also identified them. An harassment charge has been lodged, for us, by the school. Unfortunately, I think if they leave us alone, they are likely to antagonise other folk in the village, but at the moment we do appear to be their prime target.

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