Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Holy Trinity Church Dunoon

I've taken so many photos of my church, inside and out, in snow and in sunshine, in candlelit darkness and in bleak grey light - but this morning, as I came down from a quick walk in the Bishop's Glen, I saw it from a new angle, one which made it remind me of the little churches in Russia that stick up out of the flatness with their unmistakable shape.

I think this brings out several things: its tininess, its simple attractiveness, the possibility for a numinous silence afforded by its location, its isolation from the other denominations in the town. This isolation is not one of non-communication or hostility, but to me it is one of the beauty and understanding that is a blessing of this place.

The additional photo is of the Bishop's Glen, at the foot of which the church stands.

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