Another cold, rainy, windy day. In north and middle of the country the day started with a lot of snow. Tomorrow we've King's Day (formerly known as Queen's Day). It's predicted as the coldest Royal Day ever in the Lowlands near the sea.

So I looked for a photo in the immediate neighborhood. Was yesterday's surprise found in the apple tree in the backyard, today I saw the lilac blooming in the frontyard. Soft lilac flowers and a splash of new buds on top of each flower bunch. The buds are reproduced 1:1,5. So I thought that okay as a contribution for tiny Tuesday #48.

Thank you JDO for being so kind hosting Tiny Tuesday's challenge for this month!

Best seen in the enlarged version, it's in fact made for an enlarged version ... ;-)

Thank you all for visiting my journal and your supporting comments and stars on yesterday's mono Monday "Surprise ... Surprise". Very kind of you!

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